Large volume

If you’re looking for shipping containers on a commercial scale then we can offer a range of solutions for all budgets. All of our containers sit to the same working standards, in a range of sizes and conditions from new, one trip and within 10 years of age. We can literally supply solutions from two or three containers as temporary storage at a building site, to ongoing contracts of multiple containers per week.

6ft 40ft containers

  • Lock box included
  • Multiple air vents
  • Wind and water tight
  • 27mm marine plywood floor
  • Multiple lashing points
  • Blue/Green available (Colour choice not available for used containers)
  • Great for multi-modal transportation
  • Easily modified for housing and mobile sales units
  • Cargo-worthy, CSC plated and available in a variety of colours

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"I was running a project which required one or two containers for a week, over the space of a year to distribute goods. Cargo proved to be the perfect solution and they were even able to buy them back from me once i’d finished the project."

25 years experience

25 years experience and thats just one of our team. Directed by Matt, with a background lying in equipment control, he started interchanging containers into depots while quickly devleoping to senior managerial level for a large shipping line.