Bespoke shipping containers

You can adapt a shipping container into a huge range ways. Because a container is of a modular construction, you can play about and bolt them together to make truly unique spaces.

Our team of architects have created a range of home and commercial spaces from containers, including garden offices, commercial shops and even multi story homes. The only limits are your imagination.

Commercial shop

We decided to open our own coffee shop but wanted something different. A contact suggested we speak to cargo to get some ideas. From the initial conversation to receiving ideas and the final plan was so smooth and painless. Delivery was within 6 weeks and we have not looked back since.


Modular Construction

Cargo has a young architect with a love for modular buildings that we work with. If you would and container extension, house or modular building in general then do please get in touch for a chat with your ideas.


Garden Office

With a range of sizes from 6ft through to 45ft, you have a vast range of options to fit every garden space. Typically windows and bi-fold doors can be adapted into the space. Due to a containers water and weather tight construction, you could even bury one in the ground and have an underground office, not compromising your gardens dimensions.


Award winning architects

A creative bespoke solution needs a team wild with ideas and a unrivalled vision. Our architects have completed a range of modular customisations from coffee shops and garden offices, through to swimming pools and multi story home constructions.


"I have always wanted to work from home but without the disturbance of a household. Contacted cargo and planned and designed a garden office out of a container for me. It was delivered last week and I could not have been happier. It just blends in with the garden and a great space to work from. I would say it was a joy working with the team."